Through years of experience in multiple business field studies, we proficiently knew how to put together each and every needs of aspiring and existing businesses to set the right direction for their business’ success.


We conduct a detailed and unbiased feasibility study to determine the viability of a business and to identify any constraints the proposed project may face. This focuses on Technical, Economic, Legal, and Operational assessment to evaluate the nature, quality and ability of your business.


We create a focused and well-defined business plan that summarizes the objectives, strategies and actions of the company with regard to Industry, Market Analysis, Marketing, Management, Operation and Financial Plan to ensure your business’ survival, growth and success.

Additional Services:

1. Company Profile Development

2. Operations Manual Development


We gather, analyze and interpret vital information about the market presence of certain products or services that can potentially be offered in the industry.

Market Research Services:

1. New Product Concept Analysis

2. Competitor Analysis

3. Comparative Market Analysis

4.  Product Sampling Analysis

5.  Target Market Area Scanning


We gather information by conducting market surveys and focus group discussions particularly on your business’ geographic area and market parameters to determine the acceptability of the product/s and business.

Market Survey Services:

1.  Focus Group Discussion

2.  Customer Satisfaction Survey

3.  Customer Perception Survey

4. Customer Service Survey

5. Mystery Shopping




We help local and foreign companies to make it possible to start and set up a business in the Philippines by taking care of the business registration, permit applications, and the set up to its desired business locations.

Business Set-up includes:

1.  Site Identification

2. Client Representation

3.  Business Registration:


    a. Department of Trade and Industry

  • b.Security and Exchange Commission

    c. Mayor’s Permit  

    d.Bureau of Internal revenue




"Know your business intelligently."