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NVN Business Consultancy helps organizations put their business idea into the picture, generate first-hand information, and help develop strategies for growth or manage projects. We bring knowledge and experience from various companies and industries with a higher level of business expertise. We offer vital results and an objective viewpoint and recommend unique solutions for your business.

Feasibility Study

We help companies conduct a detailed and unbiased FEASIBILITY STUDY for a proposed project to identify its technical constraints and determine its viability. Our Feasibility Report will show you how your proposed venture can work long-term and how it will endure the financial risks that may come.

Our experts shall give you a professional recommendation if you should proceed or not proceed with the venture. This Feasibility Report is a powerful tool for you to present to your potential partners, investors, or financial institutions.


  1. Highest and Best-Use Study
  2. Feasibility Study 
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Business Plan Development

We develop a BUSINESS PLAN for companies to help define their short-term and long-term goals. It contains the entire Operational Plan, Strategies, Company Performance, and Evaluation, and a detailed Yearly Financial Projection.

Your BUSINESS PLAN shall serve as your company’s resume, explaining your objectives to partners, employees, and vendors. A professionally developed Business Plan is your advantageous tool to present to your prospective investors, banks, or financing institutions to acquire Investment Funding or Additional Capital.


  1. Business Plan Development
  2. Company Profile Development
  3. Operations Manual Development
  4. Marketing Plan Development
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Market Research

We help companies gather data and analyze vital information arising from different factors that affect or can affect the business. Our MARKET RESEARCH will help you provide insights and create solutions on how to improve your company’s performance, sales, and revenue. 

Our team uses various tools to reach a broad audience of customers through questionnaires, surveys, meetings, discussions, messages, and phone interviews to investigate the current and future needs and expectations of the company. This also helps identify existing and potential competitors, develop solutions for product promotion and advertising, increase the company’s recognition, and improve your business reputation.


  1. New Product Concept Analysis
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Comparative Market Analysis
  4. Product Sampling Analysis
  5. Target Market Area Scanning
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Market Survey

We help companies generate information about the acceptability of their products and services within their geographic area or prospective market parameters. Our MARKET SURVEY shall help you identify your audience, how to fill their needs with your products and services, determine the appropriate marketing channels, and know how to stay relevant and set yourself apart from the competition. 

We use online surveys and face-to-face interviews to analyze qualitative feedback. We cross-examine quantitative answers, calculate averages, and compare results against global or local data about consumer behaviors.


  1. Focus Group Discussion
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Customer Perception Survey
  4. Customer Service Survey


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Project Management

We help local and foreign companies to manage a specific project in the Philippines. We provide scalable arrangements on a short-term or long-term basis. Our Team can represent you on your behalf, execute the project operation and conduct business activities that are beyond your reach.


  1. Project Administration
  2. Business Set-up
  3. Talent/Staff Search


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